Access to finance

Getting finance can be a big challenge for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Do you know who offers venture capital or loans in your region, your country or in Europe? What’s the best way to sell your business plan to investors? The Enterprise Europe Network experts can help your company to get the finance it needs to grow.

We can help you evaluate your company's financial situation and source the right support:

  • venture capital and loans;
  • public financial aid;
  • tax credits.

Venture capital and loans are important for your company's seed, start-up and growth phases. We'll put your business plan to the acid test to make sure it can satisfy the most demanding investors. Then we'll train you to present it and put you in touch with investors, business angels, venture capital firms and banks.

Funding from investors can be topped up with aid from regional, national or EU authorities. Talk to our experts about how you can access public funds and grants for research and development, innovation, investment, consulting services, employment, training or exporting.

Tax credits are another way to finance your company. Ask at your local Network branch about opportunities in your country such as tax credits for research and development, investment or hiring additional staff.

Contact your local Enterprise Europe Network branch now.

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