ESA’s Europe wide renowned Technology Broker program – executed by Design Terminal - is now available in Hungary and ready to help your business.  

The program aims to help companies develop their business, innovate, and overcome technical challenges with the help of space solutions. By connecting the agricultural firms with relevant space industry representatives, with the goal of achieving technology transfer through a joint project the Broker can assist your company in improving its efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness explore new business opportunities. This so-called technology transfer is result of a joint project between the two sectors with the goal of improving both the Hungarian agricultural and space sector. 

To support the implementation of space technologies, ESA created the Spark Funding initiative. In this program, applicants can receive up to €60 000 to successfully insert space technology into their own business. 

You can find all the application materials on Technology Broker website and submit your application and completed Application Template - ESA Spark Funding Hungary document here. The deadline for the application is 15 June 2023 23.59 (CET). 

If you are interested in applying for Spark Funding or technology transfer in general, please do not hesitate to reach out and book an appointment with Lőrinc Páva to discuss the details (Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.).